Legal basis for data processing

Legal basis for data processing

How does DataGenie collect data?

In summary, DataGenie sources information related to business profiles using proprietary AI & human efforts online, the data all being publicly available. In some instances DataGenie also collects contact information from its Community edition which allows users of DataGenie to share their business contacts. DataGenie’s AI can auto-complete some information such as corporate email addresses using analysis of corporate email patterns and validates information using email server interrogation and a proactive notice program which also serves as a tool to comply with global privacy policies such as GDPR.


What kind of contact data does DataGenie collect and deliver?

DataGenie sources and shares only information related to a person’s business data such as business email address, corporate phone number, job title and related company details.


Why does DataGenie collect and provide business contact information? 

DataGenie collects and provides business information to enable organisations to grow their businesses by contacting other organisations.


What is the legal basis for DataGenie’s data collection?

DataGenie adheres to global privacy policies and is aligned with GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation). DataGenie enables businesses to communicate with highly targeted contacts at other businesses for reasons of sales, marketing and recruitment and so utilises the legitimate business interest which is an exemption under data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

In addition:

  • DataGenie provides easily accessible methods to access/amend/remove data via email, web form and/or telephone contact. A proactive email notice process notifies subjects of their right to have their data amended or removed.
  • The data which is collected is limited, pertains exclusively to business information, does not include any information related to minors and limits data that is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes of legitimate business interest.
  • The data is validated and verified on an ongoing and regular basis to ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date.
  • DataGenie restricts users to those having a verified business email address to register and use its services and disallows those that use free email services, such as Hotmail/Gmail.
  • DataGenie is to register as a data broker in California to comply with CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).