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Tips to Improve Your Cold Calling

Struggling to make effective cold calls? Here are some tips to warm them up!B2B Cold calling is a tough and challenging task. In a study by Zippia, 63% of sales reps said that B2B cold calling service was the worst part of their job. With an uninterested and wrongly targeted contact at the end of th...
Best ways to generate leads for events

Best ways to generate event leads

Qualified leads are the keys to success for sales and events. But, generating those takes up both resources and time. Whether it be cold emailing or social media prospecting, each source has its own set of pros and cons. So what will be the perfect shot to get more leads for your business? Unfortuna...
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8 best websites to buy leads

When it comes to finding prospects, the low hanging fruit is often picked quite easily. After all, some marketing activities like PPC, SEO, ads, and blogging are too much work, to begin with. But, what most entrepreneurs fail to understand is that there are two ways to lead generation. The first one...
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The 5 Best Kept Secrets Of B2B Lead Generation

Consumers and businesses have become somewhat restrictive in their decision-making process. The options are endless, and innovation is rapid.While Yellowpages, flyers, sales associates and emails were enough to draw attention earlier, they do not necessarily convert to sales anymore.Therefore, lead ...