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How do we do it?


The secret sauce. AI applied to publicly available and subscription based data.


We discriminate to ensure only the most relevant and consistent data is retained.


Data prep & categorization at the leading edge of AI & data science.


A blend of manual and AI-based validation ensures unbeatable reliability scores.


Contact data is de-duped, revalidated, scored and appended.


Selected contacts that you select to download are again validated in real-time.


Data is delivered instantly & stored online, just for you. Any inaccuracies are immediately re-credited.


Our researchers and AI continue to source, validate and enhance our database.

Real-time email verification

Real-time validation

Data has a sell-by date. When you download data it should be fresh as the day it was sourced. When you choose your contact, the email address is checked again, in real-time, using email address validation algorithms.

Catch-all domains

If the validation reports that the domain is set up as 'accept-all' (aka 'catch-all)', that means it's less able to be validated to 100% and so you can choose to reject it. After all, you might not be the 'accept-all' type.

SMTP verification

DataGenie uniquely performs a second verification of the email address using SMTP interrogation. No other contact data provider performs this extraordinary level of email address authentication, and at no extra cost.

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