8 best websites to buy leads

Published On:
November 9, 2021

When it comes to finding prospects, the low hanging fruit is often picked quite easily. After all, some marketing activities like PPC, SEO, ads, and blogging are too much work, to begin with. But, what most entrepreneurs fail to understand is that there are two ways to lead generation. The first one involves creating a stellar digital presence and hoping you get a steady stream of inbound leads. The latter, however, is much simpler.

In account-based marketing, the funnel starts from identifying the right people from the right companies who would be interested in using your products and services. Sales strategies are then created to ensure meaningful transactions and a healthy relationship with the customer. This entire process is known as lead prospecting. 

Luckily, the market houses a range of sales intelligence software that can be used to find new opportunities and clients at the click of a button. These essentially provide detailed information about your prospects, combined with business data generated by their companies. The idea is to learn everything you can about the lead before approaching them for sale. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of 8 tools that’ll help you with the data you need.

1. Apollo.io

Apollo is a data-first engagement platform, veered towards the conversational aspects of marketing. Apart from research, it can be used for targeting and outreach programs as per your speed and scale. The unified platform uses a holistic view to implement any strategy changes across the whole team. Managers can dig into each aspect of the pipeline, finding new ways to improve the sales processes continually. 

A full sales engagement stack, a native Account Playbook builder, and access to millions of contacts make it ready for end-to-end strategy. The simple and intuitive UI is primed for novices to learn and explore. However, the software does house some extension bugs that make its integration with web browsers a bit cumbersome. Plus, there are upper limits on the API credits, and you’ll need to go through support for additional ones. 

2. Cognism

Accurate market data and quick responses are the core selling points of Cognism. The tool is built to create a predictable sales pipeline that can hit your revenue targets consistently. It helps businesses find, engage and close leads by accumulating actionable information such as technographics,firmographics, sales trigger events, verified business emails, intent data, and phone-verified mobile numbers.

The only drawback with the system is that there are email bounces from time to time. Even though the data integrity is maintained at a high level, job titles are not held at their most current position. Some users also report an inaccuracy in matching company names within their CRMs, causing data duplication and manual work. 

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    3. Data Genie

    Think of DataGenie as an office drawer that houses 100 million contacts in 15 million companies, all validated and verified in real-time. The tool has been optimized to refresh the data every time you choose to search within it. This ensures updated information and on-point sales propositions for your marketing teams. An auto-integration with CRM and user-friendly interface make it the best in the business. 

    DataGenie works as an umbrella tool that generates leads in your industry while optimizing navigation and sourcing. It essentially gives you all the contact data and company information you need to speed up the conversion cycles. Plus, with 1500+ sales tools, the prospects can be segregated in lists and accessed from any device. A browser extension further allows you to download contact details from any LinkedIn profile, dispensing the need for hours of research on every company executive. 

    4. Lusha

    Leads, contacts and candidates – that’s the go-to for Lusha. It works as a personal assistant to verify and enrich business profiles, thus encouraging B2B engagement. As a prospecting tool, it collates all the information in one place, creating a profile of contacts for the companies you intend to target. The tool also is capable of geographical distinction, filtering data as per your needs and direct integration into the CRM. 

    That being said, if you’re just starting up a company, Lusha is not the most affordable solution out there. Given the simple UX and intuitive system, it charges a premium in comparison to the other platforms. Adding on to this, the availability of data is rather limited in some parts of the world. 

    5. Seamless.ai

    Seamless.ai is known for its ability to ensure validation at every touchpoint. The tool can prospect either within its own database or use LinkedIn and Google in real-time to give you a list of leads. The insights are optimized to generate up-to-date data without waiting for any quarterly updates. Working exceptionally well with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can import a bulk of contact details directly onto your systems. Seamless is also useful in targeting a specific domain or territory with multiple lists being importable to a CSV format. 

    As with some of the tools here, the browser plugin is often challenging to operate. Plus, most users suggest that the UI could use significant improvements over the current cramped layout. The emails can tend to be a bit inaccurate sometimes as well. 

    6. Rocket Reach

    Rocket Reach uses an ML mechanism to distil thousands of public data points, giving you verified data in the form of social media profiles, phone numbers and emails. It separates the information into categories and also pulls data directly from LinkedIn profiles via the browser extension. Verified emails are highlighted in green for maximum traction through a fantastic UI that makes navigation a breeze. 

    But, there is a particular disparity when it comes to the search function. Users report that although finding email addresses is simple, phone numbers are sometimes unavailable or inaccurate. Since the data is drawn from public records and LinkedIn profiles, information can be outdated. 

    7. Leadiro

    Positioned as a global B2B lead and data generation solution, Leadiro by Demand Science is a provider of compliant, intelligent and actionable information. With millions of contacts spread over diverse companies, technology install insights and buyer intent topics – the tool works as a gateway to your prospect’s behaviour. The ability to export essential information opens up the possibilities for accurate email addresses and direct dials. It also gives you an option to download previously used contacts or exclude them with a single click. 

    The only thing holding the software back is the search capability. If you’re not segmenting your audience as per industry and submarket filters, you’ll need to make manual adjustments to the final list. Plus, the filtration is also shallow when you consider the constraints placed on intent and technology. 

    8. Zoom Info

    Zoom Info is known in the market for its 360-degree view of prospects, customers and opportunities. As a workflow-oriented tool, it supports all of your sales needs with lead scoring, territory planning, sales prospecting, targeted outreach and much more. The unique architecture provides a comprehensive go-to-market strategy by offering both the data and the technology on one platform. Zoom Info’s contacts can be divided into various niches on the basis of finance, opportunity, general, personnel, and technology.

    Since the tool is vast, the learning curve is also a bit steep. If you’re not well-versed with such software, it may take you a while to get the hang of it. That being said, downtime is another issue that most users face on a regular basis. The tool is updated from time to time, leaving the website and the plugins at a snail’s pace for a few hours. Additionally, the data is not refreshed in real-time, so you might end up with people who’ve left the target company. 

    Wrapping Up

    B2B prospecting is not the most happening job on earth. It involves a ton of manual and repetitive tasks that might not fetch any result. But, using these tools, you can completely automate the process of finding your next big client while building a strong sales funnel. 

    All the software mentioned above have some pros and cons. So, to make the best of it, remember to prioritize the factors that your organization values most. Accuracy and real-time updates more often than not sit at the top of that list. Plus, some tools also offer a demo before you sign up for the real thing. Make sure you try it all before investing.