4 ways to boost your business using B2B contact data

Published On:
November 2, 2021

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Your database is your biggest asset, especially if you’re running an outreach model based on cold calling. Not only it is imperative to have high-quality leads, but they should also be paired with accurate contact information. Furthermore, in a world of changing choices, it becomes all the more important to target segmented audiences. Then and only then do you stand the chance of connecting with your prospects in a fruitful and meaningful manner.

Yet, most companies struggle to keep an updated contact list. We agree that information sourcing is probably one of the most challenging parts of the process. There is too much time spent on collecting, cumulating and connecting data for any reliable outcomes. But, this is where B2B contact database vendors step in. With artificial intelligence, predictive modelling and inbound marketing, providers are now creating datasets that multiply your chances of landing a sale. 

What difference does B2B Contact Data make?

Establishing the first point of contact with a prospective customer is a make or break for any organisation. Whether it be on call, email or social media, reaching your target audience is the key to building a sales funnel and a brand in the long run. B2B contact insights help you with the information that propels engagement on various platforms. It essentially distributes your audience into targeted segments with specific demographic and professional data, allowing you to associate with them on a very personal level. 

B2B contact data ensures that your first impression leaves a mark at the right place, right time and with the right people.  

That being said, gated content can help establish thought leadership in the market. There are only three requirements here. It should –

  • Works as a cost-efficient way to reach your customers across multiple channels.
  • Paints a clear persona for the ideal buyer for targeted campaigns
  • Boosts engagement and effectiveness through personalised messaging
  • Ensures a broad spectrum of leads in a short amount of time
  • Helps build better customer relations and a collaborative environment
  • Fast-tracks the marketing process for seamless and measurable results

How to get the best results out of your B2B Contact Data?

Considering the price of your product or service, the quality of the data is of the utmost importance. Higher pricing deals end up with longer sales cycles and multiple decision-makers. On the other hand, nominally priced products need to be pushed on various channels at once to create a holistic campaign. Either way, the first point of contact is where the potential of a sale is really gauged.

Therefore, understanding everything you can about the contacts and accounts will help you prepare the right angle for presenting the solution you’re offering them. A simple demonstration of knowing who they are, what are their pain points goes a long way in progressing them further the sales funnel.

Essentially, there must be a B2B customer relationship management (CRM) system that records all this information and helps track your prospect’s journey from a cold call to the final sale.

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    4 ways to boost your business using B2B Contact Data

    Omnichannel Marketing​

    Omnichannel Marketing​ A diverse B2B contact list lends you all the requisite information to reach your leads on multiple platforms at once. Opting for campaigns that run on different channels shall help engage and nurture your audiences for timely conversions. The idea is to establish a prominent presence through calling, emailing and social media posting.

    Upsell and Cross-Sell

    A robust B2B contact database increases the customer lifetime value by fostering retention, engagement, loyalty, advocacy and repeat purchases. Since all the information is collated in your CRM, you can keep track of your customer’s preference and behaviour, using it to promote up-selling and cross-selling of your products and services.


    Audience attention is fickler than it has ever been in marketing history. A segmented B2B contact list gives you the power to identify the prospects that prefer your products in a hyper-personalised manner. As discussed earlier, a targeted approach increases the probability of actions and conversions manifold. This can be applied to paid marketing campaigns for a focused view and email blowouts for a high open-rate.

    Demand Generation

    When you want your company to be recognised in the market with a unique selling proposition, a data-driven marketing strategy is the best way to do so. B2B contact lists provide valuable information that can be used to position the enterprise as a trustworthy, authoritative and accessible brand. Blogs, guides, email campaigns, social media and SEO are some of the ways to educate and engage your audience with the ideas that speak well of you.

    The End Game

    B2B contact data gives you access to industry insights, customer behavior and future trends. There are multiple permutations and combinations of this information that can be used to drive your marketing and sales campaigns. With the right data set, you can transform your business into an outcome-driven enterprise in no time. 

    To help you with this, Data Genie offers 100 million contacts from 15 million companies across the globe. All the contact information is cleaned, verified and validated in real-time to keep you on top of your market. 

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