Top 10 sources for stellar realtor email lists: Find your best match

Published On:
March 14, 2024

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why email verification matters?
  3. The drawbacks of traditional email verification
  4. Methods to verify an email address
  5. Benefits of verifying email addresses
  6. Integrating email verification into your email strategy
  7. Bulk email verification with Datagenie
  8. Email verification FAQ’s
  9. Unlocking email marketing excellence with precision verification

Ever wonder why some real estate agents seem to have all the luck, snagging the best deals and the most eager clients? A rock-solid realtor email list might be their secret sauce. It’s like having a golden ticket in real estate, offering direct access to potential leads and opportunities. 


A reliable realtor email list is a game changer for real estate agents. It’s not just about having a bunch of email addresses; it’s about opening doors to new opportunities, connecting with potential clients, and staying a step ahead in a competitive field. The market offers a variety of ways to get these lists, from buying ready-made ones to generating them with advanced tools. This blog takes a casual yet insightful look at why these lists matter and offers guidance on picking the best source to give a real estate business the edge it needs.

Why realtor email lists are essential ?

A top-notch realtor email list is much more than a collection of email addresses. It’s a vital resource for real estate agents, empowering them to execute targeted marketing strategies effectively. With a focused list, agents can connect with the right audience, boosting the relevance and impact of their communications. This targeted approach enhances engagement, increases the likelihood of conversions, and ultimately contributes to the growth and success of their business. High-quality email lists enable agents to streamline their outreach efforts, saving time and resources while amplifying their marketing impact.

Criteria for choosing the best email list provider

When hunting for the best email list provider, keeping an eye on a few key factors is crucial. Think about the quality and accuracy of the data – you want fresh and reliable information. 

Selecting the right email list provider is crucial for real estate agents aiming to maximise their marketing efforts. The ideal provider should offer high data accuracy to ensure marketing messages reach the intended recipients. Cost-effectiveness is another critical factor; the provider should offer various pricing options to cater to budgetary needs. The ease of accessing and using the platform is essential for efficient campaign management.

Additionally, excellent customer service is vital, reflecting the provider’s commitment to supporting their clients. Compliance with legal standards, particularly regarding data privacy and anti-spam laws, is non-negotiable to maintain the trust and safety of all parties involved. Lastly, customization options can significantly enhance the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns by allowing agents to target their communications more precisely.

Review of top sites for realtor email lists

We’ll highlight various platforms where realtors can acquire email lists. Each site offers unique features, from data accuracy and enrichment options to seamless CRM integrations and pricing models. While we won’t dive into specifics here, it’s essential to note that these platforms provide valuable tools for real estate professionals to enhance their marketing strategies and reach potential clients more effectively. We’ll touch on the pros and cons, helping readers make informed decisions when choosing their ideal email list provider.

Datagenie: Tailored data solutions for real estate professionals

Datagenie is a go-to resource for real estate professionals seeking a robust realtor email list. The platform is known for its precision in targeting the right audience, ensuring that real estate agents can connect with potential clients effectively. With a promise of 100% accuracy guaranteed, Datagenie stands out by offering real-time validation of email addresses, ensuring that the data real estate professionals receive is current and reliable.

Key features:

  • 100% Accuracy guarantee: Datagenie assures the quality of its data, offering refunds for any incorrect contact details, which underscores its commitment to data precision.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is designed for ease of use, allowing agents to select their data using a wide array of search filters like geography, job titles, company size, and more, then download it seamlessly.
  • Real-time validation: Data is regularly validated and re-validated in real-time when users search and choose their data, providing an extra layer of assurance.
  • Instant free trial: New users can explore Datagenie offerings through an instant free trial, experiencing the platform’s capabilities firsthand.
  • Data enrichment: The platform offers data enrichment services, enabling you to enhance your existing real estate mailing lists with valuable lead data and updated contact information.
  • Chrome extension: Datagenie chrome extension to instantly search and extract email addresses and contact numbers directly from prospects’ LinkedIn profiles or company websites in seconds.


  • Free trial: Datagenie offers a free trial for 10 days to test all features.
  • Professional plan: $99 monthly for 500 contacts, with additional credits at $0.20 each.
  • Corporate plan: $199 monthly for 1500 contacts, with additional credits at $0.13 each.
  • Enterprise plan: $299 monthly for 3000 contacts, with additional credits at $0.10 each.

Datagenie is trusted by various professionals and organisations, as evidenced by numerous testimonials praising the platform’s accuracy, ease of use, and exceptional customer support. Whether for targeted marketing, sales, or recruitment needs, Datagenie provides a reliable and efficient solution for real estate agents looking to expand their reach and connect with key prospects.


UpLead stands out in B2B lead generation with its robust platform to help real estate agents find potential clients efficiently. Offering a 95% data accuracy guarantee, UpLead ensures that agents access reliable and valid data for their marketing efforts.

Key features:

  • High data accuracy: UpLead provides a 95% data accuracy guarantee, ensuring that the realtor email lists you acquire are reliable and effective for your campaigns.
  • Real-time email verification: Before downloading your list, UpLead verifies all emails in real time, allowing immediate use in your email marketing efforts without worrying about bounce-backs.
  • Advanced search capabilities: With access to over 155 million profiles, users can generate personalised realtor email lists using filters like company URL, industry, and location.


  • UpLead offers a free trial with five credits to test all features.
  • Pricing starts at $74 per month for 2,040 annual credits, which includes access to the Chrome extension, verified emails, phone numbers, and CRM integrations.
  • The Plus plan begins at $149 monthly, providing 4,800 credits annually with additional features like data enrichment and advanced search filters.
  • Starting at $299 monthly, the Professional Plan offers 12,000 credits annually, including full API access and competitor intelligence, and is suitable for team accounts.

UpLead’s platform is not just about generating lists; it’s about providing quality leads that can transform into valuable connections and clients for real estate agents. With its focus on accuracy and user-friendly interface, UpLead is a top choice for agents looking to enhance their outreach and marketing strategies.


LeadsPlease offers a comprehensive solution for real estate professionals seeking to connect with realtors and companies across the USA. Their up-to-date Realtor Email and Mailing Lists are designed to help users find new customers and drive successful email marketing campaigns.

Key features:

  • Accurate and updated lists: LeadsPlease provides a precise, continually updated realtor email database, ensuring maximum outreach for your campaigns. The realtor’s email addresses are reported to be 90% accurate.
  • Customisable lists: Whether you need a realtor mailing list without email addresses or a list that includes social media handles, LeadsPlease offers flexibility to suit your marketing strategy.
  • Networking opportunities: For realtors, having a list of other realtors allows for networking and building relationships with key players in the industry, which can be crucial for success.
  • Comprehensive data: Their lists include email addresses, names, postal mailing addresses, and other important contact information for many real estate professionals across the USA.


  • Realtor Email Lists start at $190.00 for up to 500 leads, with the cost per lead decreasing as you purchase more leads.

LeadsPlease is a reliable source for real estate professionals looking to enhance their marketing efforts with accurate and effective email and mailing lists.

Lake B2B

Lake B2B offers a customised Real Estate Agent Mailing List designed to increase revenue for businesses involved in real estate development and related services. Their Real Estate Industry Email List is crafted to support flawless marketing campaigns, providing comprehensive information to reach prospects effectively.

Key features:

  • Targeted data: Lake B2B’s Real Estate Email List includes various real estate professionals, such as developers, inspectors, management firms, buyers, brokers, lenders, and more, allowing targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Customisation: The service offers a wide range of firmographic and demographic selections to narrow the search, ensuring businesses reach the exact real estate entities they need.
  • Global reach: Whether targeting the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, or Australia, Lake B2B’s email list is designed to assist in multi-channel campaigns across significant countries.
  • Data integrity: The list is created with a focus on the collection, verification, update, and organisation of data to help marketers achieve a higher conversion rate.

Lake B2B’s Real Estate Industry Professionals Email List is a valuable resource for businesses looking to connect with key players in the real estate sector, offering a comprehensive and reliable data solution to enhance marketing strategies.


AeroLeads provides a robust platform for businesses and professionals seeking to find and verify email addresses. It benefits real estate agents looking to build or expand their realtor email lists. With a database of over 750 million prospects and a suite of tools, AeroLeads ensures that users can access up-to-date and accurate data.

Key features:

  • Extensive database: Search through a database of 750 million+ profiles using various filters to find the most relevant prospects for your real estate business.
  • Real-time email validation: AeroLeads validates all emails in real-time, ensuring that the data you receive is current and reduces the chances of bounce-backs.
  • Chrome extension: The all-in-one extension allows users to automate prospecting, making it easier to find and verify email addresses directly from the web browser.
  • Integration with CRMs: AeroLeads integrates with popular CRM systems, allowing users to import and manage their contacts seamlessly.

AeroLeads is a comprehensive solution for real estate professionals seeking to enhance their email marketing and networking efforts with a reliable email finder and verifier tool.

DataJi: Specialized data services for real estate professionals

Dataji, part of the GroupJi ecosystem, offers specialised data services tailored to the nuanced needs of real estate professionals. With a focus on providing accurate and actionable data, Dataji supports real estate agents, brokers, and companies in enhancing their marketing strategies and business operations.

Key features:

  • Industry-specific solutions: Dataji provides data services specifically designed for the real estate sector, ensuring the data is relevant and directly applicable to the industry’s unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Comprehensive data collection: Leveraging advanced data collection and processing techniques, Dataji offers many data points, including contact details, firmographics, and other essential information that real estate professionals require.
  • Customizable data services: Since each real estate business has distinct needs, Dataji offers customisable data solutions that align with specific marketing objectives and operational requirements.
  • Customisable email lists: Users can explore various email lists, including realtors, physicians, HR directors, and more, with the option to customise lists based on specific needs.


  • Enhanced marketing campaigns: With access to precise and targeted data, real estate professionals can craft more effective marketing campaigns, reaching the right audience with the right message.
  • Improved business decisions: Dataji’s insights and analytics enable real estate professionals to make informed decisions, identify market trends, and uncover new opportunities.
  • Streamlined operations: By providing relevant and up-to-date data, Dataji helps real estate businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and reduce the time spent on data-related tasks.
  • Global reach: With a database covering over 200 countries, Book Your Data offers unparalleled international coverage, allowing businesses to expand their reach and tap into new markets.

Data quality and reliability:

  • Dataji strongly emphasises data quality, employing rigorous verification and validation processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

Customer support:

  • Dataji offers dedicated customer support to assist real estate professionals in maximising the value of their data services, ensuring that users can effectively leverage the data to achieve their business goals.

Dataji is a reliable partner for real estate professionals seeking specialised data services to enhance their marketing efforts, make informed decisions, and improve operational efficiency.

Email data group

Emaildatagroup offers a comprehensive suite of email marketing services designed to enhance customer engagement, conversion rates, and brand awareness. Specialising in providing verified B2C and B2B email lists, Emaildatagroup helps businesses expand their global outreach and capitalise on new opportunities.

Key features:

  • Verified email lists: Emaildatagroup ensures that all email lists are validated according to the Can-Spam Act, providing businesses with verified and reliable data for their marketing campaigns.
  • Customisable solutions: Emaildatagroup offers tailored solutions to meet specific marketing needs, whether targeting IT industry decision-makers or seeking a broad range of prospects.
  • Multi-channel marketing solutions: Beyond email lists, Emaildatagroup provides multiple multi-channel marketing solutions, including PPC, social media marketing, and software development, to optimise marketing strategies for high ROI.

Services offered:

  • Email appending services: Enhance your existing customer database with opt-in email addresses to boost sales lead generation.
  • Contact discovery: By identifying critical contacts within organisations, Emaildatagroup helps businesses connect with prospects eager to purchase their products and services.
  • Lead generation services: With a focus on generating technology leads, Emaildatagroup offers strategies to increase measurable ROI and drive better results in target markets.

Emaildatagroup is a crucial partner for businesses looking to enhance their email marketing efforts with a targeted, reliable, and comprehensive North American email database.

ZoomInfo: Advanced B2B contact database

ZoomInfo is renowned for its extensive B2B contact database, offering detailed information on businesses and professionals across various industries, including real estate. While the direct extraction didn’t specify ZoomInfo’s services for realtor email lists, the platform typically provides robust tools and data solutions that can be highly beneficial for real estate professionals seeking to expand their network and reach potential clients.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive database: ZoomInfo boasts a vast database of contacts, including those in the real estate industry, providing users access to a wide range of potential leads.
  • Data enrichment: The platform offers data enrichment services, allowing real estate professionals to update and enhance their contact lists with accurate and detailed information.
  • Advanced search capabilities: Users can leverage ZoomInfo’s advanced search features to filter and identify specific real estate contacts, including agents, brokers, and decision-makers within real estate firms.

Benefits for real estate professionals:

  • Targeted outreach: With access to detailed contact information, real estate professionals can conduct targeted outreach efforts, connecting with the right prospects at the right time.
  • Market insights: ZoomInfo provides valuable market insights and company information, enabling real estate agents and companies to tailor their strategies based on informed data.
  • Efficiency: By streamlining the process of finding and verifying contact information, ZoomInfo helps real estate professionals save time and focus on building relationships and closing deals.

While ZoomInfo is a powerful tool for various B2B sectors, real estate professionals specifically can leverage its database and tools to enhance their marketing and networking efforts, driving growth and success in their businesses.


Exactdata provides a comprehensive platform for acquiring mailing lists and leads catering to various industries, including real estate. Focusing on delivering accurate and targeted data, Exactdata enables real estate professionals to refine their marketing strategies and connect with relevant audiences.

Key features:

  • Extensive database: Exactdata boasts a vast collection of leads, with over 359 million available, allowing users to access a wide array of potential contacts.
  • Customisation options: Users can build their leads list by selecting specific demographics, geographic areas, and other relevant criteria to target their ideal audience effectively.
  • Data enrichment services: Exactdata offers services to enhance existing databases, providing additional value and ensuring that the information is up-to-date and relevant.

Services offered:

  • Consumer and business lists: Whether targeting individuals at home or professionals at work, Exact data provides tailored lists to meet the unique needs of each campaign.
  • Marketing services: Beyond list provision, Exact data offers email marketing, data licensing, and other marketing services to support comprehensive campaign strategies.
  • Tools and lookups: The platform includes various tools, such as job title lookup, SIC and NAICS code lookup, enabling users to refine their search and targeting efforts.

Exactdata is a critical resource for real estate professionals seeking targeted and accurate mailing lists and leads to enhance their marketing efforts and connect with potential clients effectively.


Bookyourdata stands out as a premier provider of B2B contact databases, offering real-time verified sales leads for marketing campaigns. Their platform is designed to build targeted B2B email address lists with a remarkable 97% accuracy guarantee, making it a valuable resource for real estate professionals seeking reliable data.

Key features:

  • High accuracy rate: Bookyourdata offers an industry-leading 97% accuracy rate for B2B prospecting, ensuring that the data you receive is reliable and actionable.
  • Real-time email verification: The platform includes real-time email verification with every export, verifying catch-all emails to provide unique and highly deliverable leads.
  • Advanced job categorisation: Their sophisticated job department hierarchy ensures that you don’t miss out on potential contacts due to categorisation errors, enhancing the effectiveness of your targeting efforts.
  • Pay-as-you-go model: Bookyourdata’s innovative pay-as-you-go model eliminates costly subscriptions, optimising lead generation ROI.
  • Comprehensive data attributes: Access over 100 data attributes for contacts and companies, including direct email addresses, job titles, company info, LinkedIn URLs, and more.

Data quality and compliance:

  • Bookyourdata prioritises data cleanliness and accuracy, sourcing information from reliable channels and ensuring compliance with CCPA and GDPR.

Bookyourdata is essential for real estate professionals to access accurate and up-to-date contact information, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and efficient lead generation.

Real estate email list FAQs

 When acquiring and utilising realtor email lists, several common questions often arise. Here, we address some of the most frequent inquiries to provide clarity and guidance for those interested in leveraging these lists for their real estate business.

  1. Is it legal to buy and use realtor email lists?
  • Yes, purchasing and using realtor email lists is legal, provided they are obtained from reputable sources that comply with data protection laws like the GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act. It’s crucial to ensure that the email recipients have opted in to receive communications, and you must provide an option for them to unsubscribe in every email.
  1. How effective are realtor email lists for marketing?
  • Realtor email lists can be highly effective for marketing if they are up-to-date, accurately targeted, and used strategically. The effectiveness largely depends on the list’s quality, the message’s relevance, and the overall marketing strategy employed.
  1. What are the best methods for obtaining realtor email lists?
  • Purchasing from a reputable data provider: Ensure the provider offers verified and opt-in contacts.
  • Generating your list: Use lead generation tools, attend industry events, or leverage social media platforms to collect email addresses with consent.
  • Partnerships and networking: Collaborate with industry partners or participate in networking events to exchange or acquire email contacts legally and ethically.
  1. How can I ensure the quality of a purchased realtor email list?
  • Verify the data provider’s reputation, check for data accuracy guarantees, and request a sample to assess the quality. Additionally, inquire about the data collection and verification processes to ensure compliance with legal standards.
  1. What should I do if the email list contains outdated or incorrect information?
  • Contact the provider for support if the list has a high bounce rate or outdated information. Reputable providers often offer guarantees and may replace invalid contacts or provide a refund.
  1. Can I customise the realtor email lists I purchase?
  • Many data providers offer customisable lists where you can select specific demographics, geographic locations, or other criteria to tailor the list to your target audience, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  1. What are the best practices for using realtor email lists?
  • Always respect the recipients’ privacy and comply with anti-spam laws.
  • Personalise your emails to increase engagement.
  • Provide valuable and relevant content to your audience.
  • Monitor and analyse the performance of your email campaigns to continuously improve.

Conclusion: Let's wrap this up!

Let’s get down to brass tacks about using realtor email lists. They’re not just a bunch of email addresses; they’re your golden ticket to connecting with the right folks in the real estate world. Not all email lists are created equal. You’ve got to be savvy about this.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Keep it legal: First, ensure you’re playing by the rules. You don’t want to be that person who ends up in hot water because they didn’t follow the law. Stick to the legit stuff, and you’ll sleep better at night.
  • Quality is king: A massive list sounds great, but what’s the point if it’s full of outdated or irrelevant contacts? You want a list like a top-quality fine wine that improves with time. That’s where the real value lies.
  • Smart moves only: Don’t just blast out emails willy-nilly. Be smart about it. Tailor your messages, watch what’s working, and always be ready to tweak your game plan. It’s like chess but with email.
  • Never stop learning: The digital world constantly changes, so keep your finger on the pulse. Stay up-to-date with the latest email marketing, and stay ahead of the pack.

Now, let’s talk about a real game-changer – DataGenie. These folks are like the wizards of the real estate email list world. They’ve got this uncanny ability to provide super relevant and accurate lists that can really amp up your marketing game.

And guess what? You can take DataGenie for a spin with their 10-day free trial. No credit card, no strings attached. It’s like test-driving a fancy car but for your business. Give it a whirl, see how it fits, and make an informed decision. Who knows? It is the best marketing move you make this year.

So there you have it. Dive into realtor email lists with your eyes wide open, use them wisely, and remember to check out what DataGenie offers. Here’s to your success in the fast-paced world of real estate!