Everything you need to know about buying email marketing leads

Published On:
February 6, 2023

When should you consider buying email marketing leads? 

You’re launching a new company: 

Purchasing email marketing leads can help you swiftly compile a list of prospective clients if you’re beginning a new business and need to grow your consumer base from scratch. 

You’re current email list is outdated:

Purchasing new leads can help you reach a new, more engaged audience if your current email list is stale and you’re not seeing a positive return on investment from your email marketing efforts.

You’re introducing a new product or service:

If you’re introducing a new product or service and need to quickly reach a wide audience, purchasing email marketing leads will enable you to communicate with potential clients.

It is essential though to make sure that the email marketing leads you purchase are of excellent quality and extremely relevant to your target market. Datagenie has a 100% validity guarantee.

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    You’re moving into new markets:

    Purchasing email marketing leads can help you quickly reach potential clients if you are considering moving into new markets or expanding your company territorially.

    What kinds of leads for email marketing can you buy?

    Email marketing leads come in a variety of types, including:

    • Leads that are divided into categories based on demographic characteristics such as age, gender, region, and income level are known as demographic leads.
    • Leads that have been classified based on behaviour patterns, such as recent purchases or website visits, are known as behavioural leads.
    • Industry-specific leads are those that are exclusive to a certain sector of the economy, such as financial services, technology, or healthcare.
    • Leads that are divided into categories based on the size of the organisation, from SMBs to large conglomerates.
    • Leads categorised by job title: for instance CEO, marketing director, and sales manager leads..
    • Leads segmented based on interests or pastimes, such as sports or travel, are known as interest-based leads.

    What do you need to know before buying email marketing leads?

    • Quality: Ensure that the leads you purchase are of extremely high quality, both in relevance and validity. Verify the source of the leads to make sure they were obtained properly and in accordance with data protection laws.
    • Relevance: Pick leads that are appropriate for both your target market and the objectives of your email marketing campaign. For instance, if you’re selling software, you should concentrate on leads with experience in technology or similar fields.
    • Data precision: Make sure the email addresses and other contact details you purchase are current and accurate. Inaccurate data can result in high bounce rates and negatively impact your future email deliverability.
    • Email verification: To ensure that the email addresses you purchase are accurate, think about utilizing an email verification programme. By doing this, you can prevent damaging your sender reputation by sending emails to invalid addresses. If you are buying data from DataGenie then this is taken care of in real-time when you download the data and so no extra steps or cost is required to ensure the data is 100% valid.
    • Cost: Take into account the cost of the leads you’re purchasing. For the most value for your money, you might wish to examine the best suppliers of email marketing leads.