‘Burstiness’ to leverage
email marketing data

Published On:
May 8, 2023

email marketing data

‘Burstiness’, an email marketing concept to leverage your email marketing data.

Most businesses continue to employ email marketing as a vital tool to connect with consumers and establish lasting relationships. However, it can be difficult to stand out and get noticed when there are so many businesses vying for customers’ attention in the inbox. One strategy that marketers can use to increase engagement and improve results is burstiness. In this article, we’ll explore what burstiness is, why it works, and how to use email marketing data to leverage it effectively.

What is burstiness in email marketing?

Burstiness in email marketing refers to sending multiple emails in a short period which gets businesses noticed and increase engagement with their subscribers. Burstiness can be employed for a number of purposes, including advertising time-sensitive bargains, giving updates on new goods or services, or disseminating insightful information.

Why does burstiness work?

Burstiness is effective because it gives the emails being sent a sense of urgency and excitement. Subscribers are more likely to notice and interact with the content when a brand sends them several emails in quick succession. Burstiness can also help businesses to build momentum and generate buzz around their campaigns.
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    How to use email marketing data to leverage burstiness

    To leverage burstiness effectively, businesses need to use email marketing data to inform their strategy. Here are some tips for using email marketing data to make the most of burstiness:

    • Ensure you use validated contact email marketing data. Anything less than 100% guaranteed accuracy, such as that offered by us at DataGenie, will imperil your email sending domain and permanently endanger your email campaigns.
    • Segment your email list: use email marketing data to segment your list based on subscriber behavior, interests, and preferences. This will enable you to send more targeted and relevant content to each segment and avoid sending too many emails to subscribers who may not be interested.
    • Establish a regular cadence: use validated email marketing data to establish a regular cadence for sending emails. Avoid sending too many emails in a short period and maintain a healthy email list.
    • Spread out promotions: disperse promotions over a longer period of time. This will lower the likelihood of subscriber fatigue and prevent you from bombarding members with too many offers at once.
    • Track engagement: track engagement metrics including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates using the return data from email marketing campaigns.This will enable you to evaluate the success of your burstiness approach and make any necessary improvements.


    Burstiness is a powerful strategy that can help businesses to increase engagement and improve results in their email marketing campaigns. By using email marketing data to inform your strategy, you can leverage burstiness effectively and avoid the risks of subscriber fatigue and spam filters.

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