How to find someone’s phone number

Published On:
October 9, 2023


If you’re in the business of lead generation, you know the importance of getting the right phone number to make your pitch. But let’s face it, not everyone is keen on sharing their phone numbers online. So how do you go about it? Here’s your guide to finding someone’s mobile number by their name, gathering quality data on your leads, and identifying the owners of mysterious numbers.

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Top 10 tools to find anyone's phone number

The most effective strategy for locating someone’s phone number is to employ the right digital tool. Here are some topnotch services and how to leverage them for your needs.

1. Datagenie

DataGenie empowers you to discover phone numbers and email addresses to connect with potential leads, all while being an inexpensive solution in the B2B database platform market. With a 100% accuracy guarantee, DataGenie ensures that your outreach efforts will be fruitful and costeffective.

How to Locate a Phone Number with DataGenie:

Contact search:

Explore DataGenie’s extensive database of over 100 million verified contacts across 15 million companies globally. Utilize a wide range of search filters like job titles, functions, company size, and revenue to pinpoint your ideal leads and obtain their Direct dials. Once you’ve identified your prospects, download their contact details and begin making calls.

Company search:

Need to find a specific person’s phone number from a specific company? DataGenie’s company search feature allows you to search for a particular lead and obtain their complete contact information.

Chrome extension:

DataGenie’s Chrome extension enables you to effortlessly find a lead’s phone number and additional contact details right from your browser. This extension is also useful for identifying verified B2B emails and phone numbers while navigating LinkedIn or directly visiting a company’s website.

Rich profiles:

DataGenie offers indepth profiles that provide valuable insights into your leads. These profiles not only supply accurate data but also offer a comprehensive view of your sales prospects, sometimes even including their social media links. This enables your sales team to better understand the leads before making that crucial phone call.

Realtime verification:

 DataGenie’s data undergoes stringent realtime validation. The platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze and qualify the data, eliminating any incorrect or unverifiable information. Once you download your lead’s data, it undergoes realtime verification to ensure its accuracy. This allows you to continually add leads in line with your sales cycle without worrying about data quality.

Start your free DataGenie trial today and get access to the most accurate online database of B2B contact data with 500 million data points, without stretching your budget.

2. Lead411

Lead411 is a specialized B2B platform designed to streamline your lead generation process. It offers a robust search engine that allows you to find leads based on a variety of professional criteria, including industry, job title, and location. This makes it easier for sales teams to score and prioritize leads, ultimately improving the efficiency of your sales funnel.


B2B Focused: Ideal for salespeople looking for business information.

No Hidden Export Fees: Transparent pricing without hidden costs.

No Mobile Phone Limits: Unlimited access to mobile phone data.

No Download Limits: Download as much data as you need.


No Warranty: There is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information.

Expensive: Prices start at $50 per user.

No Integrations: Cannot integrate with your CRM.

3. Whitepages

Whitepages is a directory service that goes beyond just providing phone numbers. It offers a unique feature where you can conduct background checks for a fee. This includes criminal records, public records, and more. It’s a useful tool for those who need more than contact information, but it’s limited to users in the United States.


Free to Use: Public information is available at no cost.


Unreliable Data: No guarantee of data accuracy.

 U.S. Only: Doesn’t work for other countries.

Not for Corporate Needs: No bulk browsing available.

4. Zabasearch

Zabasearch is a free online directory that provides access to public contact information. You can perform a standard search using just the name and location of your lead. Alternatively, you can use their phone number for a reverse lookup. While the service is free, it’s best suited for personal use rather than professional lead generation.


No Cost: Access basic information for free.

Simple Search: Use name and location for a straightforward search.

Reverse Lookup: Offers reverse phone number lookup.


Limited Database: Information may not be current.

Geographical Limitations: Service is restricted to the United States.

Not BusinessFriendly: Not ideal for professional lead generation.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a networking platform but also a valuable resource for business information. While phone numbers may not be listed on all profiles, you can often find alternative ways to connect, like through mutual contacts or company websites. It’s a valuable resource for B2B networking but lacks features for bulk data collection.


Professional Networking: Ideal for connecting with business contacts.

Multiple Contact Avenues: Find alternative ways to connect if phone numbers are not listed.

IndustrySpecific Searches: Filter searches by industry, job title, and more.


Limited Phone Numbers: Not all profiles list phone numbers.

Manual Process: No options for automated or bulk research.

Premium Features: Some features require a costly subscription.

6. Google

Google is a powerful search engine that can help you find a plethora of information, including company phone numbers. By simply searching the company’s name along with “phone number,” you can usually find what you’re looking for. However, it’s not the most efficient method for finding personal phone numbers or conducting bulk searches.


Comprehensive Search: Find a wide range of information.

Business Profiles: Access detailed business profiles.

User Reviews: See reviews and ratings for businesses.


Not for Personal Numbers: Difficult to find individual phone numbers.

Manual Search: No options for automated or bulk searches.

Unverified Information: Data accuracy is not guaranteed.

7. Facebook

Facebook allows for reverse phone lookups by entering a phone number in the search bar. However, the effectiveness of this feature is limited by the user’s privacy settings, making it less reliable for professional use.


UserGenerated Content: Information is often updated by the user.

Social Context: Access to additional information like interests and mutual friends.

Global Reach: Works internationally, not just in the U.S.


Privacy Constraints: Limited by user’s privacy settings.

Manual Search: No options for automated or bulk searches.

Data Reliability: Information may not be uptodate.

8. Spydialer

SpyDialer offers a unique feature: the ability to listen to someone’s voicemail without them knowing. While this may raise ethical concerns, it’s a free service that provides basic reverse phone lookup capabilities. It’s more of a tool for personal use rather than a reliable source for business leads.


Free Service: No cost for basic reverse phone lookup.

Voicemail Access: Listen to someone’s voicemail discreetly.

Multiple Search Options: Works with mobile phones, landlines, and email addresses.


Ethical Questions: The voicemail feature may raise ethical concerns.

Limited Data: Provides only basic information.

U.S. Only: Service is restricted to the United States.

9. Beenverified

Beenverified is a comprehensive background check service that goes beyond just providing phone numbers. For a fee, you can access a wide range of information about someone, including criminal records, property records, and more. It’s a powerful tool but comes at a cost.


Detailed Background Checks: Access to criminal records, property records, and more.

Caller Identification: Includes spam scores and helpful comments.

Vehicle Records: Offers accident and salvage records, values, specs, and recalls.


Costly Service: All features require payment.

Data Accuracy: No guarantee of uptodate information.

Complexity: The breadth of information can be overwhelming.

10. Infotracer

InfoTracer offers a wide array of information, from phone numbers to criminal records but its expensive. It’s a onestop shop for background checks, but it can be overwhelming due to the breadth of information available. It’s best suited for those who need detailed background information rather than just a phone number.


 Wide Range of Info: Not just limited to phone numbers.


Service: Its expensive.

Complexity: Too many features can make it confusing.

11. Conclusion

In the fastpaced world of lead generation, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. Whether you’re looking for personal or business contacts, this guide has provided a comprehensive list of tools to help you find the phone numbers you need.

Among these, DataGenie stands out as a reliable and efficient platform for B2B lead generation. With its 100% accuracy guarantee, realtime data validation, and userfriendly interface, DataGenie ensures that your outreach efforts are both effective and efficient. Its extensive database of over 100 million verified contacts across 15 million companies globally allows you to tailor your search to your specific needs. Moreover, the platform offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark.

While other platforms like Lead411, Whitepages, and LinkedIn offer their own unique features and benefits, none provide the level of accuracy and reliability that DataGenie does, often at a higher cost. So, if you’re serious about lead generation and want to skip the hassle of dealing with gatekeepers without breaking the bank, DataGenie is the tool for you.

Start your free DataGenie trial today and elevate your lead generation game to the next level.