Best ways to generate event leads

Published On:
April 4, 2022

Qualified leads are the keys to success for sales and events. But, generating those takes up both resources and time. Whether it be cold emailing or social media prospecting, each source has its own set of pros and cons. So what will be the perfect shot to get more leads for your business? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of different tools to generate new event business.

Before the event

We’re conveying best lead generation strategies you can use to attract more leads for your business before the events.

Leverage Social Media

Social media can now be summarised as a part of your entire digital campaign. It’s all about building up the hype on diverse platforms. So, if your venue or event already has a decent following, you can further amplify the reach by posting regularly. These posts can be photos of your event space, the food or the ambience. In all, ensure that the content is captivating and awe-inspiring for your prospects.

Now, there are several social media platforms out there, but the most prominent one is Facebook and its counterparts. What sets Facebook apart is its event-specific ad format which helps drive targeted leads directly to you.

Few good tips:

  • Often marketers and brands worship impressive metrics. For instance, a low Cost-Per-Click (CPC) shows that the creative is a hit. But that does not mean much if people are not subscribing or RSVPing.
  • You can also place the Facebook Pixel on your landing page. It notifies you when someone takes action. However, be sure to double-check that the pixel is installed correctly.
  • Facebook ads often get equated to a trial-and-error approach. Do not fall for this trap! Ensure to have in place a robust budget strategy with measurable goals.
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    Email Marketing

    Businesses today have at the very least the email addresses and basic contact details of their customers. All you need to do is – log on to your CRM or Customer Relationship Management System and find them. Regardless of what people say, emails are judged based on their subject lines. It is one of the initial points of contact for a wide range of leads Research reveals that current customers contribute much higher to your bottom line than new ones. Think of your regular or loyal customers like family and start with them.

    Similarly, marketing to current customers is the easiest way to generate leads and build the business. Send them the relevant details about the venue, space, event packages, deadlines and dates as soon as possible for the initial traction.


    A tip to remember: Always include a link to your lead form in all email communications. Make it convenient for them to be a part of the process.

    Cold Calling

    Do not underestimate the conversion rates for cold calls. Although, you might consider changing the approach. You can call your customers to check on them. Doing so makes them feel cared for and valued, at the least. This can be followed by informing them about your venue and events.

    For other prospects, remember to cut to the chase. Deliver focused information that directly relates their needs with the event’s agenda.

    At the event

    Trade Shows and Conferences

    Whatever be your business, there is bound to be some form of industry-specific trade show or convention for it. Most brands participate in trade shows via sponsorships, as this turns out to be cheaper than hosting the event. What’s more, you are free from the worries about logistics and other aspects. However, there is a flip side, like not having enough control.

    If done right, conferences and tradeshows can offer top benefits:

    • Enhanced brand awareness and visibility
    • Fostering networking through valuable business connections
    • Access to highly-targeted, qualified leads

    Another way to make your brand stand out is to become a guest speaker. Doing so shall entice attendees at your booth and help network with other industry influencers.

    Product Launches

    A new product launch makes for an excellent opportunity to host or through an event marketing specialist that connects you with prospective customers and investors alike. Launch parties serve two purposes. They are a perfect way of rewarding your team for pulling off the job. Plus, they help build the hype around your new product and connect with an army of dedicated followers and fans. A renowned brand to excel in this arena is Apple. It treats every product launch as an event.

    Collaborating with Influencers

    Influencers are aspirational figures for social media users. Think how prominent YouTube reviewers and Instagram stars are today! Their following runs into thousands and even millions, which can be leveraged to push your event a step forward.

    But, while brands tend to pander to the bigger fish, the smaller and lesser-known ones hold the key to exponential engagement. About 82 per cent of people are likely to act upon suggestions expended by a micro-influencer. So, do not underestimate them.

    In essence, they can create a buzz around and during the event through strategically posted vlogs, images and behind the scenes footage. Also, you can invite them to your virtual event, relating their reputation to your brand.

    At the end of the day

    Everybody looks forward to events! They are an excellent way of flourishing the relationship between the brand and its audiences. Not only that but event leads also help amplify your reach. Given the growing dynamics of the business ecosystem, audiences are scattered across social media platforms. With that said, the best way for brands is to opt for a multi-channel strategy. Long story short, do not rule out any of the avenues.

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